Since we are all high on the IPL Fever, here is introducing to all enthusiasts our very own IPL, that is, Infinite Premier League! Since the 2020 season is full of zeal despite the pandemic, this is to bring to your knowledge that ISL CC team is also high on zest with the Infinite Premier League. What’s more? It is not seasoned! It comes the entire year round.

In this optimistic hullabaloo, we offer the following grabs:

Solo Net Practice: Students who wish to focus on their drawbacks and wish us to work with them in rectifying their errors will be offered individual slots. The aim will be to help our aspirants become flawless within numbered days/classes with the least sense of apprehension, hesitation or embarrassment. Since each individual has his/her own uniqueness and blemished extents, individual mentoring is sure to help them heaps and bounds.

Super-Over Provisions: The IPL Season will offer extra classes for all those candidates who feel the need of the same. Just like super overs change the course of an entire match, these super (extra) classes will indeed change our students into optimistic hopefuls. In the process, we too will fulfill our prime agenda which is, to polish the pluses and eradicate the minuses. Students are sure to reap fruitful results.

Hit a Six Before Time Runs Out: Saving the best for the last, here is the most looked-out aspect of our IPL. Sometimes less serves us more. Hence, considering the pandemic situation, these extras will be offered in the most minimal fee. How about a hike in the rank and result and not in the fee structure? Hit a metaphorical six by grabbing this opportunity!